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The study of the human brain, its physiology, its inner-workings and networks, and the ability to change its patterns is the path I have chosen. Unlike many other paths it is one in which a certain skill level may be attained and just before one can claim mastery the science moves beyond belief. It is an open ended endeavor.

With that being said, working with autistic, learning disabled and add/adhd children and effecting changes in their lives is the most satisfying accomplishment I can claim.

The work is tiring, takes long hours of study and patience and has very little financial return. Equipment is expensive. If it weren't for income derived from presenting the biomat it would be difficult staying in this profession, giving the gifts from the heart I so generously give.

I thank the Biomat for not only helping to heal an injury torn body but also to provide the support I need to work with the disabled the way I do.

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